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Crossing the Retirement Finish Line
"Crossing the retirement finish line with high temperature steam turbine rotors"

By Stephen R. Reid, P.E., and Rachel Sweigart, TG Advisers Inc.

Turbine Tech Guidelines to Achieve Succesful Gas
Important Considerations In Establishing Combustion
Junk In Junk Out
"Junk in and junk out"

By Stephen R. Reid, P.E., TG Advisers Inc.

Specify Combined-cycle Steam
"SCC of low pressure rotor blade attachments"

By Stephen R. Reid, P.E., TG Advisers Inc., and Gary Golden, Power Industry Consultant

Proven Methods To Repair
"Proven methods to repair low pressure turbine rotor shaft end cracking"

By Stephen R. Reid, P.E., James B. Lewis, P.E., and Thomas E. Christensen, TG Advisers Inc.

Impact of Minimum Load
"Impact of Minimum Load Operation on Steam Turbines"

EPRI | Electric Power Research Institute

Guidelines for Uprate Design
Managing Minimum Load
"Managing Minimum Load"

By David Charlton, P.E., TG Advisers Inc.

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